Episode 233: How to Annoy, Irritate, and Provoke Your Customers!


Did you know that you're annoying your customers!?  Most business owners don't realize they're doing it.  As one example, coupons are often used as a marketing tool, and they seem great at first, but often there's so many exclusions and limitations, the customer gets extremely irritated.

I'll show you an example of a big department store called Kohl's that have a poor reputation for doing this naughty coupon strategy.  They're not the only offenders, how about your business?

Are you familiar with The Piano Guys?  They're hugely popular online, and like many bands they've had to pivot their business in recent years.  The conventional way to make money is through album sales, but with the explosion of MP3's, that's challenging.  The Piano Guys have got creative, and come up with brilliant, natural ways to make money.  I'll show you some of them in this episode.

Resources mentioned in this episode:
Big Lessons Book
The Piano Guys

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