United Airlines! What Were You Thinking?!


Did you see this jaw dropping video from United Airlines on the news?

A 67 year old Doctor traveling on United was forcibly dragged off a plane!


Because they needed his seat for a United airlines employee!

Things went from bad to worse with the "apology" issued by United CEO, Oscar Munoz. He said in part:

"One of the passengers we politely asked to deplane refused and it became necessary to contact Chicago Aviation Security Officers to help. While I deeply regret this situation arose, I also emphatically stand behind all of you, and I want to commend you for continuing to go above and beyond to ensure we fly right.”

What was he thinking?!

THAT is not an apology.

THIS is an apology (this is what I would have said):

"I was deeply shocked, dismayed, and embarrassed to discover the appalling way that one of our valued passengers was treated yesterday. There is never any excuse for treating someone in the way that we treated Dr Dao.  I spoke with him this morning to express my heartfelt apology, and compensate him with free first-class flights for life."

"We have also taken steps to ensure this never happens again.  The employees involved have been suspended, and we are establishing a new training program to ensure passengers on our flights are treated as valued guests.  Again, I am truly sorry for this debacle."

I don't think United Airlines will have to worry about overbooking for the foreseeable future.  This debacle will cost them dearly.

When things go wrong in your business, it's essential to own it, and offer a genuine apology.

What's your opinion on this?  Will you fly United in the future?  How would you have handled it?
Let me know in the comments below.


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