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The Ultimate Blueprint for a Profitable Membership Site

"How to Make AT LEAST $1,000.00+ in Ongoing Autopilot Income EVERY Month,
From a Membership Site!"

NEW Membership Site Success System Creates
Automatic Recurring Income for You in, Any Topic You Choose, Regardless of Your Background or Experience!

Dear Friend,

You know how songwriters get paid a royalty every time their song is performed on the radio, TV, or live?

Imagine if you could get that type of residual income?!

It’s true, any gifted song-writer can easily generate enough money to buy a new car, boat, house, or even private jet!  Well known artists like The Eagles, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, and U2, are still making money every month today, decades after they wrote their big hits!

Take the song "Hotel California" from the Eagles as an example. Remember it?

"Livin’ it up at the Hotel California…"

That song was written in 1973 and yet more than 40 years later the money continues to pour in to the writers Don Henley, Glenn Frey, and Don Felder.  It’s unstoppable!  In fact, get this, they’ve made over $250 MILLION over the years!

It’s really exciting that the same concept of royalties or recurring income is possible online, using the power of a very special type of website, called a Membership Site.

The Power of Passive Income

Imagine if you attract just ONE new customer a day, paying you $30 a month. After just 3 months, your recurring (aka residual) income will be:

Month 1 Income: $900.00
Month 2 Income: $1,800.00
Month 3 Income: $2,700.00

In just 12 months, you’ll be getting around $10,800.00 in cash – deposited directly into your bank account EVERY MONTH!

In 2 years it gets incredibly exciting because as the number of members continues to grow, that will give you around $21,600.00 a month, every month!

That's the power of residual income, a.k.a. recurring, or passive income - they're just different words to describe the effortless process of receiving ongoing payments for new product or service offers your "members" ask for.

Let Me Introduce Myself...

My name is Andrew Lock, I’m the presenter of the popular WebTV show, "Help My Business!" and author of 7 best-selling business books.

In 2004 I discovered the big secret to passive income online – membership sites.  And since then I’ve perfected the ultimate system for building and making money from this type of site, easily and quickly.

I’ve helped literally thousands of business owners and entrepreneurs to become financially free, and I’m proud of that achievement.

What's Your Current Situation?

If I had to hazard a guess about YOU, I think you’d agree with at least some of the following statements…

  • You're tired of working long hours, only to be paid LESS than you're worth.
  • You believe that you deserve a better quality of life, and you'd LOVE to spend more time with your family and take regular vacations without worrying about how to pay the bills while you're traveling.
  • You want to have complete control of you and your family's financial future.
  • You're trying to rebuild your retirement fund that's been decimated by the recent economic turmoil.
  • You're fed up of slaving to build someone else's dream (your boss's maybe?)
  • You've tried various ways to make money ... but none of them have worked.
  • You just want to make more money so you can do more and give to your favorite causes

The Ultimate Success Secret

Sadly, most business owners struggle. by continuing to trade their time for money, trying all kinds of methods and schemes that they HOPE will work.

HOPE is NOT a Strategy!

Unfortunately, the old adage "the harder you work, the more you’ll earn" is a lie!  I work less now than I’ve ever worked in my life, and I LOVE what I do more than anything else I’ve ever done!

Trading time for money is a dead end!

It's frustrating, because you can never get ahead.

So the ultimate success secret, that I wish I’d known years earlier, is that Membership Sites are the #1 way to make recurring income online.

You do the work ONCE in building the site, and then you’ll continue to reap the monetary rewards over and over again, month after month, it’s the easiest way to build wealth that I’ve ever come across!

Over the years, I’ve created 7 membership sites, sold two of them for big money, and kept the other 4.  So many people asked me “how did you do it” that I’ve put together a comprehensive video training that guides you through the process, step-by-step.

The Membership Site Success System

Interestingly, when most people think about making money online, they imagine its hard work and difficult. And there’s always a 'must have' tool or course that promises to be a "one-click" wonder.  You've probably been burned enough times to know that isn't true!

The truth is, there is some work involved up front, but it's a system, it's enjoyable, and you’ll feel great about what you're accomplishing.

I've often been asked the following about creating a membership site…

  • Do I need to be a technical whiz?
  • Do I need to be an expert copywriter?
  • Do I need to learn lots of traffic techniques?
  • Do I need to know any 'gurus'?
  • Do I need to understand ]search engines?
  • Do I need to spend money on advertising?

The answer to all these questions is, NO!


Because if you take action and follow the steps laid out in the Membership Site Success System, your success is guaranteed.


Do some members drop out from time to time?  Of course, but that’s why you have a system to continue to bring in at least one new member a day – that’s all you need to be very well taken care of financially!

Look, it's not your fault if you’ve only just discovered residual income.

It escaped me for decades!  But now that you know, everything changes for you!  And even better, I’ve made a lot of mistakes so that you don’t have to!

I’m a pioneer of membership sites, I’ve tested many different membership concepts, and I’ve blazed a trail so that you don't have to.

We're now at a point where anyone (yes including you), regardless of your background or experience, can create a profitable membership website. Join me to do just that, and follow my step-by-step system.

If you know in your heart that you should be making more money, I'm delighted you're now discovering the first PROVEN and GUARANTEED system to create a membership site in a topic of your choice!


What Exactly Is A Membership Site?

I've used the term 'membership site' several times now, and those two words are the magical key to unlocking your fortune, so I want to be clear about what a membership site is.

Allow me to summarize it in plain English:

"A membership site is an online, private community of people, who pay a recurring fee to access (a) useful information on a specific topic, and (b) a community of like-minded people."

The primary goal of your membership site is to attract new members, and then keep them happy!  Your members pay you a monthly fee of say $27, $37, $97 or even $997 per month (depending on your market).

Let's look at some examples...


Netflix is a popular service for people who want to watch movies online.

It's a membership site!


People who seek their soul mate can use eHarmony to help them.

It's a membership site!


Investors who want to learn and compare notes with other investors use MotleyFool.

It's a membership site!


eDiets is designed to help people who want to lose weight.

It's a membership site!

Obviously, these are some heavyweight industry-leading websites that are generating millions of dollars a month!  Netflix alone is generating a whopping 312 MILLION each month, and rising!

It's unlikely that you'll create the next Netflix, of course.  But 'behind the scenes' there are countless individuals who are making at least a thousand dollars a month or more (often a LOT MORE), with 'micro-niche', special-interest membership sites.

Don't take my word for it, here's some examples:

FlowerArranging101 attracts people who want to learn flower arranging.


RestaurantOwner provides resources for independent restaurateurs.

UniversityOfMakeup is a hub for people who are interested in learning advanced makeup techniques.

DogProblems helps dog owners to manage their dogs effectively

JazzPianoLessons offers ongoing tutorials and support for people who want to learn how to play jazz style piano.

As you can see, there are all sorts of diverse, and some might say 'obscure' niche membership sites.  Each one of their owners are making monthly residual (and rising) profits, with a website that's both fun and profitable!

How can YOU create residual income with a membership site?

Here's the deal: I've created a unique 'quick start' system called...

Membership Site Success System

It's 100% video based training, which you take at your own pace.

There are 12 modules, each with 3 or 4 sections, and you’ll learn everything from choosing a niche, through to advanced member retention strategies.

It's risk-free, and 100% guaranteed.

This could very well be a life changing opportunity for you.  Let me repeat what we're offering, because it's vital for you to grasp this...

I'm Ready To Get Started!

What's Included In The System?

This is a comprehensive training program, will full support from me.

There are 12 modules in the system:

Module 1: What are membership sites?
Module 2: Researching your Ideal Member Avatar, Choosing a Platform
Module 3: Platform Selection and Site Design
Module 4: Content Creation Part 1
Module 5: Content Creation Part 2
Module 6: Keyword research and forums
Module 7: Blog Setup
Module 8: Lead magnets and autoresponders
Module 9: Traffic from social media
Module 10: Guest blog posts, article marketing, and other traffic
Module 11: Video Traffic
Module 12: Member Retention Secrets

As you can see, the training is comprehensive!

If you take action and follow the steps laid out in the Membership Site Success System, I will help and support you every step of the way.

I Guarantee You'll Be Able to Create a New Membership Site in Any Niche, With Paying Members, 100% Guaranteed!

Here's why membership sites are the BEST way to get passive income:

As the proud owner of a new membership site, you'll discover many benefits, including:
  • The ability to live anywhere in the world, all you need is a laptop and an Internet connection
  • Ridiculously low business costs
  • High profit margins
  • Dependable recurring income, that doesn’t stop!
  • No physical products to create, store, or ship
  • You’ll own an asset that increases in value – one you can sell in the future if you wish

Members Love Them Too!

Why are membership sites so appealing to members?

Two words: Content and Community.

They receive content (information) in the form of articles, news, views, and high quality, helpful information.

The community aspect automatically comes from other members, via forums, discussions, and comments within your site. As you know, it's basic human nature to want to 'belong' to a group of like-minded people, and membership sites directly fulfill that need.

If you're into wildlife photography, with my system you can easily create a membership site for others who feel the same way, and charge them a monthly fee to access your content and community.
If you’re a dog kennel owner, you could create a membership site community of other dog kennel owners and share ideas and strategies for running a successful dog kennel.
If you suffer from a health condition like diabetes, you could provide help and support for others with a membership community around that topic.

Do you see the exciting, endless possibilities?  And if you’re unsure about which niche to choose, relax because I'll personally help you to choose something that you'll really enjoy.

And in case you have any doubt about the fact that people are happy to pay to belong to membership sites, consider the following...

The Internet is the single most powerful business tool the world has ever seen ... AND when you invest in The Membership Site Success System, you'll be given the skills to making consistent, ongoing residual income using the Internet!

Here's Why YOU Can Be Successful With A Membership Site

The fact that you're on this website probably means you have a computer that's connected to the Internet.  It's also probably safe to say that you've bought something online.

And of course you're not alone. 

Consider this startling fact: The Internet has already grown faster than the telephone, radio, TV, and the mobile phone, in fact it's the fastest growing innovation in history! 

Here's a few more stats that show why you should take this invitation seriously:

  • There Are Almost 2 Billion Internet Users Worldwide

  • 77% of U.S. Adults Use the Internet Regularly

  • Last year, Internet Users in the U.S. Spent $176 Billion on Products and Services Online

  • MILLIONS of dollars are spent every minute at popular online stores like,, and others.

(Sources: Internet World Stats and Forrester Research)

You can see that the Internet is NOT a fad... and to put it bluntly:  The longer you ignore it, the farther you'll get left behind.

Once you learn the 'insider secrets' I'll reveal to you in the training, with a few clicks of your mouse you'll be continually generating money over and over again, month after month.

Just imagine the thrill of watching new members signing up each day, as if by magic, from work you did just once to setup the site.

There are very few things in life that match the excitement of hearing the 'ka-ching' sound of money being sent to your bank account while you put your feet up and enjoy doing something you love!

Frankly, the Internet is experiencing a gold rush of explosive growth. It's already created more millionaires than any other business model in recorded history.

"The Easiest Way to Build Your Membership Site and Make Money"

The Membership Site Success System will mark the beginning of an entirely new, liberated, prosperous, and truly remarkable life.

All of the training is via online video.  You can start, stop, and pause them whenever you want to.  It's literally like looking over my shoulder as I guide you through the process, and you'll simply follow my steps.

I truly believe I've made it as easy as possible for you to quickly and easily create a money-making membership site.

Think About These 4 Questions

1. Are you happy with how much money you have in the bank right now?

2. Do you believe you're talents are being used to your full potential?

3. Have other "business opportunities" resulted in true financial freedom for you?

4. Can you afford to go on 'testing' lots of different money making methods?

Let's get real. If you decline this invitation, what else will you do to change your current financial situation, get out of debt, and achieve the financial freedom you deserve?

The Membership Site Success System is Perfect For You If You Can Say Yes to At Least 3 Of the Following Statements...

  • You have an open mind and a positive attitude
  • You are extremely busy and need a FAST way to learn and grow residual income
  • You are highly motivated to create your own membership site business to create your financial freedom
  • You understand the power of recurring revenue, and you're ready and willing to trigger it in your own life
  • You are ready for your business to support a much better lifestyle for you and your family
  • You are inundated or even overwhelmed with information and you need a 'paint by numbers' system to follow
  • You are a successful person who is always seeking improvement, and you're ready to create your own financial future

Here's What Others Say About This Training...

"I am from Germany. When I started, my Internet marketing skills were at a bare minimum. As I followed Andrew's techniques, I started to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Everything I've learned from Andrew is a fast-track to success. My site is now launched, and in the first 4 days I got 2000 people into my system!"

Frantz Forestal
Beyond The Valve, Germany

"Andrew has been a great support. He is prompt with his responses whenever I have a question and is a reassuring and encouraging presence as I am growing my business. He also asks the right questions to challenge me to progress further along my path to success. I have now launched my membership site with Andrew's help!"

Sun Jang
Student, Washington DC

"Andrews membership program is awesome. I have learned a lot, which gave me the confidence I needed. Andrew provides outstanding support. Whenever I needed to know something, I got a quick and helpful answer. That helped me to stay on track, even when I had doubts or worries about it. I've now launched my site successfully!"

Stefan Fugmann
IT Consultant, Germany

What's the Investment to Create My New Membership Site and Learn the Skills to Get Monthly Residual Income?

As you probably know, a college or university course typically costs tens of thousands, often much much more. Some students leave with nothing more than a piece of paper and a huge debt to pay off. Certainly, there’s no guarantee of income, let alone recurring income every month!

This transformational course is the culmination of countless years of research, testing, and experience.

Frankly, to hire me personally for a consultation would cost you at least $10,000.00 a day – and even then you’d be on a waiting list because I only offer a handful of consulting days each year.

Initially I contemplated a fee of $5,000.00. I felt that was fair, since I can guarantee a return of at least $1,000.00 per month for anyone who follows my system explicitly.

Many franchises cost more than $100,000.00 with ZERO guarantees that you’ll EVER make a profit!

However, it's also true that I don't want price to get in the way of this being a life changing moment for you. So I ultimately came up with a number that I think you’ll be really excited about…

For a limited time, you can access everything, including one on one support with me, for a one-time investment of $1990.

Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed!

In life and in business there are no guarantees, but the Membership Site Success System isĀ different in every way. I'm determined to help you succeed!

I believe in a strong guarantee, to remove all risk for you:

Invest in the Membership Site Success System, follow along with my step-by-step instructions, take action to implement what you learn, and I promise that:

1. The training will be presented without 'geek-speak,' in plain English that you can understand.

2. You'll be shown everything you need to create a membership site on a topic of your choice.

3. Using my one-on-one support whenever you need it, you will have all your questions answered.

If you do your part as outlined above, I guarantee to do mine. If you follow the training, and I fail to help you as described here, let me know and I will happily refund you in full for failing you!

In addition, you have 30 days to review the materials, and if you're not completely delighted with the training you can request a refund.

Yes, ALL the risk is on me!

It's Decision Making Time!

Countless people will be reading this web page around the same time as you.
I have to impose a cap of 30 students at a time, because of the one-on-one support I provide.

If you delay, you may not be able to get in, and you’ll be placed on a waiting list for when spots open up in the future.

Look, you could easily waste years of your precious time, and tens of thousands of dollars chasing other opportunities that are unproven and not guaranteed.  Why continue to bash your head against a brick wall day-after-day to try and find your own path to success, when there's a faster and cheaper option right here, that’s guaranteed?

Plug yourself into my system. It's TESTED. It's PROVEN, and IT WORKS!

It will take you from financial frustration to financial freedom.

Go ahead and REGISTER NOW using the button below. I’m excited to witness your financial breakthrough!

I look forward to helping you succeed,

Andrew Lock

P.S.  - The Membership Site Success System isn't just about making money, it's about creating long-term financial freedom for you, your family and your loved ones.

P.P.S. Frankly, since I’m taking the risk with my guarantee, there should now be nothing holding you back from saying "YES" to registering for the course, because your fee is FULLY protected.

Take back control of your life. Have confidence in yourself, and send a strong signal to all those people who doubted you over the years!  Now is your time! Here’s to your success with membership sites!

The legal bit: "Per the current FTC guidelines, none of the comments or stories on this website in any way represent the “average” or “typical” customer of this course. In fact, as with any product or service, we know that some people purchase our system but never use it, and therefore get no results whatsoever. Therefore, the examples you read on this website can neither represent nor guarantee the current or future experience of other past, current or future buyers of the system. Each persons experience is the culmination of numerous variables, many of which Andrew Lock or his staff cannot control, including pricing, target market conditions, product/service quality, offer, customer service, personal initiative, and countless other tangible and intangible factors."


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